Eugenio Merino - Interview

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… I try not to have a style because finally the artist is a slave to it. I try to change when I am fed up of repeating the same strategies.

Golden Skull Bronze 2010

He was born in 1975 in Madrid, where he live and works nowadays. This artist is well known for the European public, and his characters always generate in our minds feelings of sympathy and anxiety. Ones Eugenio Merino was named new Andy Warhol.

AC: How you desided to become an artist? Is it a sort of  rebelliousness what you do?

EM: I decided to become an artist to have the freedom to do anything I want . The rebelliousness is part of the freedom.

AC: Looking on your artworks mainly the late one I think that are more anti political or religious is it so? What problems and aspects you show in your art?

EM: I don?t think i am not anti ... I make questions and doubt about everything . That is what I like about being an artist. I am not supposed to be afraid of asking nor believing in other things. My art show my doubts.


AC: Now could you try to compare artist's life in Spain and in any other country?  Have you ever had any problems with your positions?What does it mean to be an artist in Europe? Is it easy or difficult? Do you have any foundations to support you?

EM: I have friends working in Berlin and New York . I think there is much more movement and interest in art outside Spain. I have had problems with my positions because we are living in the age of political correctness . Everything is a problem now. Being an artist is difficult everywere because you depend on collectors or institutions , and they are not always there ... I am supported by my dealer , ADN galeria in Barcelona .

AC: Do you feel any affection of other artists, who are they?

EM: I like Wim Delvoye, Marc Bijl, Bruno Peinado , Kendell Geers, Mateo Mat?, Oscar Seco, Democracia ...


AC: Ones you've been compared with Andy Warhol , can you say that you are moving in the same direction?

EM: Oh no, I am not moving in that direction… I make works for people to think about them. I am not a pop artist although sometimes I use mass media images . I try to do different and new things each time I begin a work…


AC: So how can you describe a term contemporary art? And how did your education guided your style?

EM: Well… I have no term to describe my work… I try not to have a style because finally the artist is a slave to it. I try to change when I am fed up of repeating the same strategies. That is why I have different directions in my work. I studied fine arts and advertising… that is why my work is so direct.


AC: Great, and the last question, as a professional artist what are you dreaming about?

EM: As a professional artist I am dreaming of doing good works and having interesting exhibitions. I think , for an artist, there is nothing more important…

Master of Puppets by Eugenio Merino from La Suerte Divina on Vimeo.

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